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Thread: a daring escape

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    a daring escape

    I have given my answers to the following close test as follows. Please help me correct the errors. Thanks a lot.

    In 2002, a novel thought to be written by an African-American woman became a best seller, praised for ____1____ dramatic depiction of the American Southern life in the mid-1850s. But one part of the story remained a tantalizing secret: the authorís identity. That mystery ____2____ solved by a professor of English in South Carolina, who said recently that he has discovered the novelistís name: Hannah Bond, ____3____ slave on a North Carolina plantation owned by John Hill Wheeler. The professorís research offers insight into how a house slave was heavily influenced by the great literature of her time and how she managed to ____4____ a daring escape, disguised as a man. According to the professor, the influences of Dickens, ____5____ Bleak House, can be explained by Bondís servitude on a plantation that kept boarders from a girlsí school; the curriculum there required the girls to recite passages of Bleak House from memory. Bond could have listened while they studied, or taken a copy to read.

    1. (A) her (B) his (C) its (D) whose
    2. (A) is to be (B) will be (C) will have been (D) may have been
    3. (A) a (B) the (C) being (D) X
    4. (A) turn off (B) pull off (C) get off (D) take off
    5. (A) in spite of (B) except for (C) particularly from (D) exclusive to

    My answers are as follows:
    1. (C) its
    2. (D) may have been
    3. (A) a
    4. (B) pull off
    5. (C) particularly from

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    Re: a daring escape

    I agree with your choices.

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    Re: a daring escape

    Quote Originally Posted by contiluo View Post
    to the following close cloze test

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