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Thread: harrassment

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    What's the difference between these verbs?
    1) To flirt with sb.
    2) To hit on sb.
    3) To make a pass at sb.
    4) To catcall sb (to do/make catcalls?)

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    Re: harrassment

    Catcalling is a completely different animal. The stereotypical case is the construction worker who sees a pretty lady and shouts out something to her. It's a form of harassment and unlikely to actually be successful in attracting a woman.

    Flirting is special attention, in a playful way, given and received in a mutual expression of interest. It can lead to a serious romantic connection, but it can also just be a pleasant diversion, a harmless way of interacting with the opposite sex. You might flirt with the sales person at a store.

    Hitting on and making passes are basically the same, they are unambiguous overtures for physical intimacy.


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