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  1. sheena55ro

    multiple choice

    I`m afraid we----just----, madam. It`s 4:55 and we always ------ at 5:00 on Fridays.
    a] are closing / close
    b]had closed / closed
    c]were closing / have closed
    d]have closed / close

    I am supposed to choose [a] but also [d] sound good to me. What is the difference between [a] and [d].
    Which answer is more appropriate ?

    Does "are closing" mean that we are about to close it in the next 5 minutes?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: multiple choice

    The closing of the shop is in progress: use present continuous.

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    Re: multiple choice

    D) doesn't work, because it's too earl;y to have closed completely, but early enough to have, as Svartvik says, the process underway.

  2. sheena55ro

    Re: multiple choice

    Thanks svartnik and tdol for your replies

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    Re: multiple choice

    We are just closing. This means that the process has begun this very minute. We close every day at... We use the present tense to indicate a repeated or usual action.

    Choice [d] indicates that the closing is complete (closed), but it cannot be complete because it is five minutes before closing time (4:55).

  3. sheena55ro

    Re: multiple choice

    Thank you very much .To all of you.

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