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    Types of question

    Hi teachers,
    I am a new member in this awesome website. I have spent a host of time to view the site and come up with a question about types of question.
    In the Glossary section, there several types of question and after reading them I found myself understand some of them (not all of them). Because some of them don't have sample example
    Could you please give me a sample example of the following types of question?
    Academic question
    Embedded question
    Hypothetical question
    Leading question
    Rhetorical question

    Thanks in advance
    PS. One example in embedded question: Could you tell me where the bank is. Why is there no question mark in that sentence?

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    Re: Types of question

    rethorical question. Why are you so forgetful. With rhetorical questions you do not want to elicit an answer but emphasise something: your forgetfulness.

    Academic question: Your question is a such one. It has no relevance to every-day practice.
    Embedded question: embedded means something is fixed, takes place firmly (in the sentence).
    I do not know why you are late all the time?
    Hypothetical question: One that has no effect on the situation:
    You are applying to a post at a company and a good command of English is a requirement. You say you have an advanced level certificate.
    Hypothetical question: which one?
    Leading question: your answer is yes or no.

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    Re: Types of question

    Academic question
    Should you put milk in tea first or after you pour it?
    This is a question that might generate debate, but it's pretty irrelevant.
    Embedded question
    A question inside another question
    Did he ask you what you did?
    What you did is embedded inside the other question, so doesn't take the word order of a question. In answer to your question about question marks, when a question is a request, some people don't use question marks, though others do.
    Hypothetical question
    What would happen if the Americans pulled out of Iraq tomorrow?
    They aren't going to do this, so the discussion is about imaginary situation.
    Leading question
    How did you react when you saw him steal it?
    This is a legal type of question- there is a presumption of innocence until guilt is proved, but by asking this, the questioner is implying guilt. A fair question would use a verb like 'take'.
    Rhetorical question
    Were Italians happy when they won the world cup?
    This question needs no answer.

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