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    New to teaching, advice needed...

    Hi there

    I'm contemplating starting a TESOL course to enable me to teach overseas. I want to do it so I can use it in case I'm running short on money and need some cash. I'd be looking at short term contracts of between 1-3 mths and would prefer teaching in South America, because I'm wanting to do my OE in Canada and America.

    I havn't had much experience and am wondering whether doing a course would be worthwhile if I try it and decide I hate it. On the one hand, doing a TESOL course would give me much better access to better jobs and support, on the other, it could be a waste of time and money if I come to hate the job.

    I'm also wondering what attributes are required in this field? I would say I'm more of an introvert than an extrovert and am also not really a 'people person'. I'm also an anxious person.

    The course would be at my local training institute, but I'm wondering whether it would be better (and maybe cheaper) to do a course in the region where I'm thinking about teaching? The course in my home country is about $1450 (excluding texts), but I saw one advertised in Madrid with Canterbury TEFL for 759 Euros (I'm not sure how much this is in NZ $).

    What are people's experiences and opinions regarding this?

    Also, I havn't studied for a while, has anyone got any tips on getting back into it and keeping motivated?
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    Re: New to teaching, advice needed...

    Well Kiwi, just do it! Come to Brazil and teach English here...Not long ago there was an English woman,Lane,teaching at the school I was working...She seemed to have enjoyed it,actually so much so that she came back for holidays some time afterwards!

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