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    How do I begin to write a reflection

    I have to do a 3,000 word reflection on how I developed and maintained a therapeutic relationship with a patient. I have defined interpersonal skills, i.e. verbal and non-verbal communication and also defined therapeutic relationship but don't know how to go on to reflect on the relationship itself. I have to use the gibbs reflective cycle.

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    Re: How do I begin to write a reflection

    Hello Dawn

    Is this what you have to use?

    Gibbs Reflective Cycle:

    Description: What happened?
    Feelings: What were you thinking and feeling?
    Evaluation: What was good and bad about the experience?
    Analysis: What sense can you make of the situation?
    Conclusion: What else could you have done?
    Action plan: If it arose again what would you do?

    (I must admit, I've never seen this before.)


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