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    Help Please

    Hello and thanks for that service ;)
    i am studying for elt,i have always problem with advanced grammar of english.And i have a last chance 1 month later,i have to pass that exam.To that i must get 80 (/100) Our exams are include %80 cloze tests (especially tense,modal,passive) and %20 odd one out (noun,adverbs,adj. clauses) I think i have problem with cloze test,Although i thought i know every rules of grammar i cant do it in cloze tests.May you advice something,I know i should make more exercise about cloze tests but i cant find any source in net,Could you say some links about that,maybe e-books etc.I really need help...Thanks again, i look forward to your answer...

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    Re: Help Please

    Which exam have you got?

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    Re: Help Please


    I have found lots of cloze tests here for download
    They also offer tutoring services if you need them. I didn't use the services though. The cloze tests are both for general or business english.

    hope it helps


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