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    inference question

    The horse has played a little known but very important role in the field of medicine. Horses were injected with toxins of diseases until their blood built up immunities. Then a serum was made from their blood. Serums to fight with diphtheria and tetanus were developed this way.

    It can be inferred from the passage, that horses were

    (A) given immunity to diseases
    (B) generally quite immune to diseases
    (C) given medicines to fight toxins
    (D) given diphtheria and tetanus serums

    "Horses were injected with toxins of diseases until their blood built up immunities."
    The answer I inferred is (B). Because that might be the reason why horses are preferred. But official key says (A).

    EDIT : we can artificially give immunities by injecting toxins ( eq: small pox)
    Just now got this idea !! .....So answer is A itself.Right ??
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    Re: inference question

    You're right.
    I am not a teacher.

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