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    The charts below give information about the way in which water was used in different countries in 2000. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

    The two graphs summarise the consumption of water in 2000. The first one reflects the general use of it showing how the world overall uses the water. The biggest part (70%) is used by agriculture, and the smallest one (only 8%) is for domestic use. 22% of the water is consumed by different forms of industry.

    The second graph is more precise as it shows the water consumption by separate countries. In this case, the four biggest world's countries have been chosen - China, India, New Zealand, and Canada. The trend in China is very similar to that of the world with 69% of water used by agriculture and 9% for domestic use. The industrial use of water both in the world and in China is exactly the same - 22%.

    In contrast, the trend in Canada was quite opposite with 80% of water consumed and 8% for agricultural use. Moreover, a very high percentage of water (92%) is used in India being almost the only way of using water in this country.

    Among these four countries, the highest consumption of water for domestic use is in New Zealand 46%.

    Finally, the both graphs show that the trends of the water use is very similar in China and India to that of the world. Generally, the two graphs show very clearly that there are cases when the world trend does not reflects to that of the separate countries.

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    Do you have a question regarding that text?


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    sure. which band could it be?

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