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    statistical rarity

    Hello everyone,

    From the book ug Your Haters by Jay Baer.

    “When people are really lashing out, in any type of situation, it’s about projection. It’s an unconscious defense where something within that human being is unhappy, and you end up projecting that out into the world,” says Dr. Marcy Cole, a holistic psychotherapist based in Los Angeles. “There’s a big difference between healthy, legitimate frustration and rageful projection, which is a situation where it becomes expanded, inflated, and inappropriately expressed and shared.”

    Even though it’s a statistical rarity, when you think about the challenges of hugging your haters, you think about this “rageful projection,” don’t you? Every person I interviewed for this book at some point talked about dealing with the third type of hater . . . ​the crazies. These are the customers who cannot be satisfied or mollified, regardless of how and when you interact with them. They are the trolls of the Internet.

    Does "
    statistical rarity" refer to the third type of hater (the crazies) implying that there are not many of them, they are rare?

    Thank you.

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    Re: statistical rarity

    The use of the noun rarity implies that in the writer's opinion they are rare. The adjective statistical asserts that there are statistics to back up that opinion.

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