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    Please check my grammar in this sentence

    Please check my grammar in this sentence, and feel free to give suggestions, which make the sentence much more smooth.

    ================================================== =
    By taking the Business 360, I expect to improve my verbal and nonverbal communication skills, make many new friends, create an excellent resume that I can use in the future, and fulfill the prerequisite requirements for my graduation.
    ================================================== =

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    Re: Please check my grammar in this sentence

    I wouldn't say 'create an excellent resume' unless you literally mean write it. If you mean add things to it that are impressive, then I'd use 'build'.

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    Re: Please check my grammar in this sentence

    Dr George has been a patient of mine from February 2008 till date.

    Dr George has suffered from Keratoconus in his left eye which was operated on Nov 08 in Sydney eye hospital. The operation affected Dr George’s ability to concentrate and read for long period of time.

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