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    left full of pork

    Hello everyone,

    From the book Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer.

    A former in New York who relocated to the island, Ray watches NFL games at O’Shay’s every other Sunday during the season, and is especially fond of the all*-you​-can​-eat​ pig roast barbecue special on Sundays, usually offered for 450 DOP (approximately $10.00). On Super Bowl Sunday, when Ray went back for a second plate of barbecue, a waitress yelled at him, “Solo un” (just one). He protested to O’Shay’s owner, Frank, who agreedto allow Ray another helping.

    But when the bill arrived, the price was 750 DOP, instead of the usual 450. Ray asked if the price was right, and Frank said that it was. He wasn’t charged for the second plate, but the price had increased. Ray argued that a price increase surely needed to be posted some-where, in some fashion. To which Frank pointed out that the menu includes in minuscule type, “Restaurant reserves the right to change prices for special events.”

    Ray left full of pork but profoundly unhappy and suspicious. The next day, he went to an online community forum called “Everything Cabarete,” where local issues are discussed, and said he didn’t like the “surprise ending” he experienced at Jose O’Shay’s.

    Does "
    left full of pork" mean that he left and took the second plate of pork with him.
    Or does it imply he took even more?

    Thank you.
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    Re: left full of pork

    It just means that he had eaten a lot of pork.
    I am not a teacher.

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