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    I have rewrite my passage, please give some concrete advices.

    Topic: What is your ideal job? Write down two or more paragraphs about what your ideal job would be and what your daily activities on the job would entail. Be sure to include your reasons for writing such a job.

    Grandeur languages, colorful cultures behind, and what this career symbolize draw me to being an interpreter.

    I am passionate with language, especially English. Every time when the melody of Shakespeare's verses spark form my moth, it excite my nerve. Transforming this kingly language into other form, and exactly uncover the meanings, as the core of interpretation, match what I crave. On the screen, the professional interpreters wield the crafty skills, with panache and poise, and convert flowery Chinese into natural and compact English. That is what I dream to be
    Besides the rhythm of languages, the cultural diversity they stand for also fascinates me. Language is the key to door of culture. Learning English and communication expose me to the confidence of America and the mildness of England. As a interpreter, there are more opportunities to taste these cultural shocks and share the wildness and peacefulness of China to the world.

    The philosophy follow with interpretation, be an exact, critical and ready man, has a substantial impact on my course of action. Being critical about and extracting the valuable from the array of information is of great use on my learning and thinking. More important, the spirit of being a professional interpreter compels me to always ready for the inevitable and unpredictable, ready to improvise but never settle.

    After all these discussions, the picture of what if I were a interpreter rushes into my mind. Being a interpreter needs me to store knowledge of medicine, law, business, sports and other trendy information in daily life. The saying: "Practice makes perfect" definitely match this career. Polishing the pronounce and keep my state of mind keen and flexible would be my duty. When in the course of interpretation, I would check thoroughly of clients' background and possible settings, and make contingency plan for the inevitable, physically and emotionally.

    Being an good interpreter is a self-absorbed endeavor, which will go a long way.

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    Re: I have rewrite my passage, please give some concrete advices.

    wulala, I strongly urge you to try writing directly/succinctly rather than attempting to impress the reader by using obscure/convoluted language. This is especially important in your profession. What you wrote in your post contains plenty of mistakes, is difficult to follow and doesn't even address the point!

    You are asked to write a couple of paragraphs on what your ideal job would be, and to talk about what daily activities that job would entail.

    You can start with, e.g.,

    My ideal job would be to work as ...

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    Re: I have rewrite my passage, please give some concrete advices.

    Your title should read "I have rewritten my passage. Please give me some advice".
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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