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    Hello everyone!
    Could you correct me these sentences, please?
    Could you correct these sentences for me, please?
    Friday seventeenth of March two thousand and seventeen

    Could you leave my drink from my bag and take/bring me the/bring my scissors, please?

    Could you help me? Just hold the box, please. I have both my hands busy/occupied.

    Maria and his son Jack use/go on the bike. Maria put him on the seat in front of her.
    He have to fasten the belt/put the belt on and try to stay stable in the middle, without move around.
    Instead the mom have to keep focusing and look the road forward/ahead.
    Rarely Jack want to use his scooter and they go on foot sometimes. In both cases/in either way they go on the pavement carefully.

    Before crossing he wait/wait for me. He's a good boy but sometimes do the tantrum. This behaviour turn/become him naughty and tired. He want to lay down on the floor to rest.
    One time, when he was smaller, he hurt his legs.
    It's a tragedy help getting him dressed his pigiamas. Under his pigiamas he has his pants.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Speeches

    This looks a lot like more homework. I've already closed your other homework thread. I'm now closing this one.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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