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    I've only met him once.

    I have some questions about the word "once".

    [Question 1]
    (1) I've only met him once.
    (2) I've met him only once.
    Which is correct?
    If both are correct, which is more common?

    [Question 2]
    (3) I once discussed the problem with her.
    I think that "once" in this sentence means "at some time in the past", not "on one occasion only".
    Am I right?
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    I am not a teacher. I am currently studying basic English grammar.

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    Re: I've only met him once.

    Google hits for "only met him once": 108,000
    "met him only once": 86,000

    They seem to be roughly equally common.

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    Re: I've only met him once.

    Question 1. The first is common, but the second is stylistically better. 'Only' should go with 'once'.
    Question 2. You are correct.

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    Re: I've only met him once.

    Question 1: As to which is more common, I wouldn't count too much on Google hits. My feeling is that I've only met him once is more common. Also, I believe that there is a very subtle difference of use between the two ways, but I'm not going to explain it now.

    By the way, this question is not really about about the word once. It is about the position of the word only.

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