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Thread: existence?

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    Cool existence?

    I am not sure what existenece means in the following sentences.

    1.In searching for the ingredients to a long, healthy existence, scientists are studying links between longevity and the psychologial and social aspects of human existence.

    2. the differnce was not due to age, sex, health care or life style. here what does it mean by health care ?

    3.Instituting sound health practices and expanding your circle of acquaintances will have a benefical effect.
    Here whaat does it mean by sound health practices? especially what does it mean by practices?

    Again, I look forward to hearing from you. Always, thank you for your support!

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    Re: existence?

    "healthy existence" = healthy living or healthy lifestyle. in eating healthy food and staying fit.

    "human existence" = human life

    "health care" as in you have a good doctor, a hospital near by in case of an emergency, good medicine. If you are sick will you be cared for.

    "health practices"

    Example, when you cut your finger, you wash the cut, disinfect, bandage the finger. This would be a single example of a sound health practice.

    "sound" as in solid or proven.

    "healthy" as in good for you.

    "practice" as in method or actions taken.


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