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    present simple or continuous (The video shows.../is showing...)

    Hello all :)

    You use present simple (not present continuous) for captions or legends -text that accompany photos in publications or on websites. However I wonder which tense I could use in the following situation. Please, see the picture included.

    In the picture there is the word "includes" which is a stative one. However, if I changed the context and wrote :

    - This video is showing/shows .......whatever.....

    Could I use both present simple and present continuous? I donĀ“t know which one to prefer as you are more likely to use present simple for captions or legends under videos but at the same time if I were describing what is happening in the picture - I should use present continuous. But I donĀ“t really know which category this one belongs to.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you.

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    Re: present simple or continuous (The video shows.../is showing...)

    Leave it as it appears in the picture.

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