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    sweet, if ceaselessly pink, accommodations

    Hi. I do not understand the role of the "if" here: is it like "even if" or other? Thank you.
    "...residence ... was glaringly, bubblegummingly, Pepto-Bismolly pink. ... Like it or not, Colin thought, road trips have destinations. Or at least his kind of road trip always would. And this seemed a fair end point—sweet, if ceaselessly pink, accommodations; reasonably nice people..." (Abundance of Katherines by John Green)

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    Re: sweet, if ceaselessly pink, accommodations

    Your understanding is on the right lines.

    The word if is used to mean "even though": It was an enthusiastic, if small, audience.

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    Re: sweet, if ceaselessly pink, accommodations

    You're reading a challenging text. The author uses very creative language, with two invented adjectives in the first sentence alone.
    I am not a teacher.

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