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    need serious curriculum help!

    hoping someone out there can help. i teach high school esl. i have 4 blocks of beginners (some are absolute beginners). the 2nd block of everyday i also have the intermediates so i have both beginners and intermediates at the same time for one hour and a half block every day. i am the only high school esl teacher in a town of 45,000 and get very little support from the school or the district coordinator.

    they've really given me no curriculum, etc. only a copy of the district esl standards. i have a few texts including English at Your Command, High Point levels 1 & 2. i'm trying to write yearly plans and am so lost at what to teach the beginning/intermediate class. can anyone out there help with a sample syllabus or yearly plan? i'd really appreciate any help...

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    Re: need serious curriculum help!

    If they have only given you books, then use those for the curriculum. If they expect more, then they should write it themselves. Take the material covered by the books for those levels and use it as the basis.

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    Re: need serious curriculum help!

    Hello there,

    Yes I agree with the previous post. Don't panic at least you HAVE books you can follow. The people who put those books together do it with a lot of thought and they are a curriculum in themselves.

    You can liven up the course books by adding in your own things when you have a chance. I'm very keen on using games in class and you can sign up to receive some free ones on to try out.

    I'd also add in, if you can, such things as a film library where the children can borrow DVDs or videos - you can buy them really cheaply second hand. They can take these and watch them at home, or perhaps after school if there is a facility for children waiting to be picked up. You can also have a few great cartoon books and amusing books such as books of sketches with amusing captions in the library too. Now most children will ignore these resources, but at least you have something in place for the keen and talented ones who do want to get ahead.

    Kind regards

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    Re: need serious curriculum help!

    Do you need a curriculum if the students don't get credit for the class?
    Help the intermediates with their class subjects. Build glossaries. Take basic vocabulary from class subjects and get them to use it in context. Make up fill in the blanks and have them unscramble sentences related to relavent topics. It gets easier as you get used to preparing such tasks.
    'Side by Side' is a nice beginners text for high school. Rosetta Stone is a great online (or CD) program for beginners. Definitely worth while.
    Good luck.

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    Re: need serious curriculum help!

    Dear friend,
    I have a 25 years´experience in this field and I can give you a little but useful advice : first assess your students´ needs. Take into account their ages,sociocultural backgrounds, try multiple intelligence, learning strategies, etc. As I see, you have internet access, so find activities for your students, articles and different instruments in the net. I´m sure they will help you cope with your present situation, along with a little perseverance

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