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Thread: Definition help

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    Definition help

    i have this definition, but i need to understand the meaning of ",and so forth." as it is written in this definition:

    Accessible, Readily (Readily Accessible) - Capable of being reached quickly for operation, renewal, or inspections without requiring those to whom ready access is requisite to actions such as to use tools, to climb over or remove obstacles, or to resort to portable ladders, and so forth.
    the authors of the book are writing technical guidelines and can't include every scenario/possibility, and in fact they don't want to because their goal is to be as broad as possible w/o creating misunderstanding.

    that said, i took ",and so forth" to have holistic meaning in the context of how it is being used.

    in other words:

    such as to use tools,
    such as to climb over or remove obstacles,
    such as to resort to portable ladders,
    and so forth.
    in the context is seems like the definition is written "as example".

    so, my question is, if i had to use a fixed ladder, like climbing a fixed ladder on side of building, would this fixed ladder be a violation per the definition?
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    Re: Definition help

    You shouldn't need any specialist equipment or have to make a great effort to get there. And so forth is like et cetera.

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