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    could you plse give me some informaion about eloquency and how can one use english expressions as writers do . bcs as a foreign language i have no problem in understanding , but when it comes to expressing myself , iam not able to speak as what i hear , iwanyt to be able to speak an idiomatic english .some ppl say memorizing good texts will help , and i believe that , if u agree , plse give me the title of a book which has many good text with idomatic expresions in it, to memorize it in way by meomrizing them i could be able to speak like what i learned. and thanks

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    I am not a fan of learning and memorizing idioms, but I found this webpages that might be useful:

    If you live in the USA, you can check in your local public library for books under "american idioms" "american phrases and sayings" or maybe if you want to go beyond idioms you can look for "famous quotes" "quotations". You can take the books home and study there.


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