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  1. zeppy

    worm guys" ," whim guys " and " brackety

    what 's the meaning of " worm guys" and " whim guys " and " brackety " ?

    what 's the meaning of " I cannot feel my legs" here ?

    thank you !

    [Scene: Ross's Apartment, the guys are there assembling furniture.]

    Ross: (squatting and reading the instructions) I'm supposed to attach a brackety thing to the side things, using a bunch of these little worm guys. I have no brackety thing, I see no whim guys whatsoever and- I cannot feel my legs.

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    I presume 'worm guys' means screws and he has been crouching for so long that he has lost feeling in his legs.

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    Re: worm guys" ," whim guys " and " brackety

    I think:

    worm : screw

    brackety : bracket

    whim: idea


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