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    Would somebody please help me with my sentences?

    Pharmaceutical promotion is persuasive communication which convey medical and product information from pharmaceutical companies to physicians. Information provided in medical journal advertising, one of the pharmaceutical promotion techniques is sometime used by doctors as one of their sources of information especially for new marketed drugs. Greater reliance to this information is associated with less appropriate prescribing.
    While low quality of information such as advertisements display misleading claim and low methodological quality of references is becoming attention to many researchers , no published study available in X.

    Several investigators have assessed the quality of information by examining the compliance of pharmaceutical promotion with the regulations. Regulation of pharmaceutical promotion is difference between countries and has not changed differently although global health budget for promotion is increasing every year. For instance, pharmaceutical promotion activities are controlled by governmental agencies in the Y and industry voluntary code of conduct underpinned by legislation in S and X. Unlike X, S’s code of conduct claim to proactively monitor quality of advertisements in medical journals. The outcomes of previous studies suggesting that the regulations do not adequate in improving the quality of information. This in turn has led to a question over the effectiveness of these three different methods of pharmaceutical control. To date no comparative study has been conducted to answer this.

    (S,Y,X are countries)

    Thanks and best regards,

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    Re: Introduction

    communication which convey- communication conveying
    pharmaceutical promotion techniques- pharmaceutical promotion techniques,
    sources of information - sources of information,
    new marketed- newly-
    While low quality of information such as advertisements- While low quality information, such as advertisements,
    misleading claim- claims
    low methodological - the low
    becoming attention- becoming known
    study available- is
    is difference- different from country to country
    has not changed differently- I don't understand what you mean here
    global health- the
    in the Y- in Y (unless it is the UK, etc)
    industry voluntary code- an
    conduct claim- claims
    monitor quality- the quality
    suggesting that the regulations do not adequate- suggests...are not

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    Re: Introduction

    Thanks Tdol,


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