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    Question examples of linking verb

    what examples of linking verb?

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    Re: examples of linking verb

    Hello Rod

    A linking verb connects the subject with some more information about the subject.

    These are examples of some of the main linking verbs:

    1. Be: I am extremely tired this evening.

    2. Look: My hair looks a mess today.

    3. Feel: My head feels fuzzy.

    4. Taste: This glass of Scotch tastes good.

    5. Smell: This pizza smells rather strange.

    6. Sound: My neighbours sound very angry.

    7. Seem: They seem determined to keep me awake tonight.

    Here are some others; if you want to try to make some sentences with them, I'll check them for you:

    Appear; Get; Become; Grow; Stay; Keep; Turn; Prove; Go; Remain; Resemble; Run; Lie.

    All the best,


    PS: Have you tried the "Reference" link, at the top of the page? If you search on "Linking verbs", you'll find some more information.

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