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    it's a windsurfer talking and i don't fully understand the text. he talks about an event he's taking part in.

    You know at first I was a little sceptical of the whole trip you know, when we started leaving LA and there was all these film crews and I was just like, you know what Ive done, Ive done temptation island Ive done my reality shows and Im over it but, we went out there and we did what we knew how to do and that's go off. And I think that we're elevating it, definitely ripping, good to see.

    can someone please tell me what the bolded part means?

    especially the "go off" part. is it like "do it", "don't think and go for it" ?

    and what about "elevating and "ripping"??
    elevating: trying to make windsurfing advance to a bigger level?
    ripping: we shred it, we're good?

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    Re: windsurfing

    "go off" as in, doing something with reckless or masterful abandon.

    Could be used to describe people fighting, yell or argue also...

    "I didnt realize he would go off on him like that." meaning, fight him like that.

    On elevating and shreding you are correct.



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