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    windsurfing slang again

    here is the context for a text (quoted from a script of a windsurfing video) i don't fully understand : the person talking is a contestant in a windsurfing event.
    "You sit there, you psyche yourself outall day cause everybody's ripping like oh, I can't do that or you know Im not solid, consistent. And then before the heat Tristan was saying it's an hour long heat, and I was like ah, my advantage is if it's a little shorter I can kind of skizzle and get lots of waves. But this time I eh went out and I just decided I was just gonna try and enjoy myself and have a fun time and sail like a sailor who'll keep at my home break and just go off and just free sail, don't worry about everybody else. And every time somebody would get a wave Id look up and Id look away because it didn't matter, I was just out there to have fun."
    i'm trying to translate quite roughly there:
    i was sitting and ??? (psyche out) all day looking at people doing well on the ocean. i said to myself, i'm not good enough for this". and then, tristan said the run was to last one hour. i was thinking "if it was a little shorter, i could do something, ???(skizzle) and get many waves. but i just started my run, decided to have fun on the waves ans sail like ???(home break), try not worry about anyone. everytime a sailor would get a wave, i would try not to look and not to think about it because it's all me and i'm only here for fun.
    tell me when i'm wrong.
    as you can see, i have no idea what "psyche out", "skizzle" (misspelled probably or a made up verb from skills) and "keep my home break" (mazybe own) mean.
    any help would be extremely appreciated:)

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    Re: windsurfing slang again

    "psyche yourself out" means, to talk yourself out of doing something because of fear or some other concern.

    "keep at home break" means, stay in the safety of your local/home beach/water... where you know the waves and tides and are comfortable.


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