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    windsurfing slang part 4

    this is an interview taken from a skateboarding viedo i need to translate (in french). the person interviewed is just back from a run :

    -How did you feel you know having like a little young gun like Kauli on your back?

    -Um Kauli to me he's just, he's probably one of the most respected sailors that I have out of that new crew of sailors. So um, watching him sail is just, is just an honour I, I expect a lot of great things from him in the future. We haven't had a sailor like that through our sport in a long time. So to go down to him Im just like. It's not a win or lose, it's just nice to be a part of it

    many questions here:
    *what does on your back mean?
    i think it means that kauli is taking part of an event and the person interviewed is proud of it.

    *out to that new crew of sailors*: is he refering to a new batch of sailors, like newcomers to the competitions or just literaly a new crew he's building?

    *and then, the two last sentences. can i roughly translate that as :
    talking about kauli again, i find him amazing. and this trip/event is not about winning, it's just participating that really counts.

    am I right in what i'm saying?

    i actually have a problem figuring out who kauli is to the person interviewed who says I EXPECT, and THAT I HAVE, that could mean he's some sort of a leader.
    also, he says that kauli is already very respected but still a youngster.

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    Re: windsurfing slang part 4

    "on your back" means, the younger rider is pressuring the older rider to perform or do better.

    "new crew" I would take to mean, new generation of riders/sailors.

    Last 2 sentences, yes although he lost he was glad to be a part of the competition and to lose to such a good rider/sailor.


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    Re: windsurfing slang part 4

    about "to go down to him", does it mean talking about him again, or losing to him?

    and thanks a lot for all your replies, you're of a great help!:)

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    Re: windsurfing slang part 4

    Correct, "to go down" means to lose to him after a hard fought battle.


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