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    Sentence formation

    Kindly let me know which one is correct:
    1) John did spoke on the floor of the parliament or
    1) John did speak on the floor of the parliament

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    Re: Sentence formation

    Quote Originally Posted by Mahesh Nachaiah View Post

    1) John did spoke.
    1) John did speak.

    Hello, Mahesh Nachaiah:

    I am replying only to the verb part of your sentence.

    A teacher will discuss your whole sentence.

    After an auxiliary (helping) verb such as "did," we ALWAYS use the so-called "base form" of the verb. In other words, the infinitive with NO "to."

    Thus, it would be grammatical to write "did speak."

    Remember, please, "did speak" is usually used ONLY for emphasis. (Maybe someone thought that John did not speak.)

    Usually, one would say, "John spoke."

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