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    Exclamation where`re my messages?

    In fact you ignored question B in my last message I hope you`ll answer it this 2 questions are:
    1- explain this grammar and illustrate with examples" the future poogressive is used to ask impersonal questions e.g.will you be teaching us tomorrow?" what does "impersonal questions"mean?
    2- what do these words mean"informal/formal" what do we mean when we say some word is formal/informal?when do we use in/formal words in british English only?
    3- I`ve read this sentence"The bank`ll need an example of your songs befor they`ll accept your cheques"why is "will" used in a clause which begins with"befor"?

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    Re: where`re my messages?


    3 will- gives a stronger idea of their rejecting the cheque before the requirements are met.

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