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    famous psychologists

    As psychology is somehow a new major, some famous scientists and founders of some psychology approaches are alive! It's so interesting that scientists whoes thoughts were written in my textbooks are accessible on internet. Well, I follow them in LinkedIn and other sites. It's so cool that I can ask my questions and find the answers first hand.
    Please teach me some expressions and nice words, so that I can tell them to the famous psychologists. When I see them, I would be full of positive emotions and gratitude feeling. How can I show my gratitude, eagerness and respect to them?

    Thank you.
    Please correct my mistakes if you encounter any.

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    Re: famous psychologists

    My honest advice is not to go over the top with praise. I have had communication with people that were legendary in areas I studied. Treat them as human beings. Thank them, but don't start fawning and worshipping. They are engaging with people interested in their area. Thank them, say that you have long enjoyed their books, etc, and that is probably enough. Many of them will be getting hundred of questions a day, so too much praise will simply slow them down.

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    Re: famous psychologists

    And don't tell anybody you're surprised that they're not dead.

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