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    Excuse me, are you finished with that?

    Which sentence(s) would be natural for a native English speaker in the following situations?

    Situation 8)
    You work in a restaurant. You have just taken a customerís order and are ready to leave the table. The customer is still holding the menu and you need it for another table.
    a) Excuse me, are you finished with that?
    b) Excuse me; would you give me that menu? I need it
    c) Excuse me; if itís not too much trouble could I please take your menu?

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    Re: Excuse me, are you finished with that?


    Please let me have the menu after you are finished with it. We only have one.

    The server usually picks up the menu after the restaurant patron orders. (I can't imagine anybody actually saying that. Restaurants usually have several menus.)

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