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    good day everyone!

    here i am again confronted with a question that i can't answer.

    i was asked by my student why it is possible to use "yet" in the simple past from of the verb.
    the sentences: has it stopped ranining yet?
    did it stop raining yet?
    she understood that " yet" meant until now.
    she thinks it is grammaticallly wrong to use the simple past since such tense doesn't have any connection with now and that it only talks of something in the past.
    i don't see anything wrong with yet used in the past form of the verb.
    but i also got her point.

    please help me.
    thank you and more power!

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    Re: did..yet?

    Hi, lisa,
    I think using the Pr. Perfect with yet is British, and the Past Simple American and Irish.


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