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    Please help me reviewing on my essay for IELTS writing task 2

    Some people think that strict punishment for driving offences are the key to reduce traffic accidents. Other, however, believe that other measures could be more efective in improving road safety.

    Disccuss both views and give your own opinion.

    It is common to believe that traffic lawbreakers should be sentenced to severe punishment, it is preferred solution to answer the high rank of traffic accidents. Other though, while, accept that constructing enchanced infrastructures to improve physical safety of road should exceed more positive impacts. I personally believe that bold decision to make proper punishment would be better to overcome this issue.

    It is general for highway to be equipped by traffic tools to ensure that users being comfort and safe. For instance, it is an obligation for local authority providing sufficient numbers of traffic signs particularly in area where it has more risks to crash. Those would be very helpful for public to be noticed when they are spotted in right place. In contrast, the warnings should cost much expense of budget while it continuously use in future because high numbers of signs do not identically reflect the success of traffic accidents reducing.

    On the other hand, user's attitude and behaviour would impact more benefits through serious law enforcement. This kind of measure could be executed by officers to sentence the offenders by equal punishment with no exception from all of groups. Furthermore, it would educate people to understand how essential the law is in daily life where it should accidentally build the sense of law awareness. When the awareness are maintaining, preferable attitude of driving would be being part of habitual tradition. Thus, citizens may contribute to create a harmony and to lead a firm obedience of official rules.

    To sum up, traffic rules breaking which causes more accidents should be tackled by firmly practical regulation for those offending. It is cost-effective and most suitable to vouch the rules would be obeyed by public.

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    Re: Please help me reviewing on my essay for IELTS writing task 2


    high number of traffic accidents

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