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    fill in vs fill out

    Is there any difference between 'fill in" and "fill out".

    Actually, I saw these expressions so many times as below.

    "Fill in the form, please"
    "Fill out the form, please"

    Both of them are OK?

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    Re: fill in vs fill out

    Yes you do see both widely used. I dont think there is a major difference, if you were to use either one, the person you were speaking to would do what you told them correctly.

    I prefer "fill in". I worked for a company designing forms and the form instructions always used "fill in", in fact we had a big debate on which phrase to use


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    Re: fill in vs fill out

    They may apprear similar but they have a difference in terms of use. Use fill in when writing the phrase "fill in the blanks" but use fill out when writing the phrase "fill out the forms".

    There are no explanations behind the rules but that is how they are appropriately used.

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