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Thread: Bingo game

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    Bingo game

    Hi, is this vocabulary list ok for a bingo game?

    1) bingo sheet
    2) blocks ( the squares where each number is written)
    3) bingo bag?'? (the bag from where the numbers are picked)

    Are these sentences ok (during the game)?

    1) pick the card! (sentence told to the player who has to pick the number/picture from the bag)

    2) Cover the block (or square) with number x/ with picture x!

    3) I miss number x; I'm waiting for number x

    4) Done. I win.

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Bingo game

    Quote Originally Posted by ripley View Post

    4) Done. I win.
    I personally like it.

    However, I think people will say "Bingo!" when they have won the game.

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