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    Question that/which

    Hello!It`s Bayan again.In one of my messages I asked a question which I want you to answer again..
    1-"why is present progressive used in the sentence"she`s probably taking us roller skating on wednesday",for I know that we use this tense for something fixed,so why did the speaker use "probably" with something fixed?
    Also,I want to know how&where to find my messages which were sent 5or4days ago?
    2- would you explain the difference between defining & describing relative clauses only for things?and would you correct my piece of information"we use only "which" for describing but we use either "which"or"that"for defining"is that
    3- I`ve read"Dear Lusy..Mom is shopping in town,Liz has been studying for hours & have gone out for a walk,I`ll be back around8"Why is the present perfect progressive used with the verb"study"although the verb is finished? & why isn`t "the"used befor"town"? the one spoken to knows which town.

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    Re: that/which

    1 Language is not always an exact science, so you will find things that do not conform exactly to rules. The speaker probably thinks it is almost certain.
    2 Yes, though in AE, I belive, 'that' is more common for defining.
    3 The sentence has mistakes like 'she have'- it's not a well-constructed sentence. 'In town' means the central shopping or business area, not within the limits of the town.

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