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    How to pronounce? diphthongs + /d/,/t/

    If the vowels are, // /e/ /ɪ/....(not a diphthong), I find it easy to blend with a following consonant, e.g "that", "hat", "tip", "ten"....(closed syllable). But, if it's a diphthong, e.g "hate", "made", "state","paid"...(/eɪ/ + d,t); how do native speakers say these words? (i'm talking about the case in which final /t/ or /d/ are stopped, without the release of air, or some people say they are unaspirated). Sometimes, to me, it sounds like /eɪ/ only if the next word starts with a consonant, e.g. free version vs. paid version (/peɪ-vər ʒən/, d is omitted).

    Any ideas?

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    Re: How to pronounce? diphthongs + /d/,/t/

    The quality of the vowel /diphthong is (very slightly) affected by the consonant following it, but the affect of a consonant on a vowel preceding it is negligible. The /d/ of bid is, for example, effectively the same as that of bide. Plosive consonants may well not be released before certain other consonants, but this does not affect the preceding vowel/diphthong.

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