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    The Boss Baby: lamb-lamb

    There's an expression in a teaser to "The Boss Baby" movie which I don't understand. at 00:40-00:45
    Is lamb-lamb a home-made nickname of a favourite toy? Or is there any kind of cultural background behind it I don't know? By the way, I watched Ukrainian and Russian versions of this episode to find the answer because I speak these languages and in the Ukrainian one "lamb-lamb" was remained like in English ( læmˈlæm) and in the Russian one it was translated as the appropriate animal but as one word without repeating. What do you think?

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    Re: The Boss Baby: lamb-lamb

    The listener understands the family to know that "Lamb-lamb" was the boy's name for a stuffed animal. Presumably that animal was in the shape of a lamb, hence its name.
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