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    Please correct my english

    First Thanks a lot for your help.
    Below is a translation from a Chinese song. I'm trying to do it.

    Sometime smile is the best excuse, the lover can feel it from heart.
    Don't need any language to express, a tacit agreementis in the heart.

    A glance interchange is in between our love.

    Sometime tears is just a excuse, laid on lover's huge to find a expection.

    The world is large and lonely. Only at this coner you can find a moment gently, you can feel the relief.

    Hold me now, when you feel sad. all of your differnt sensation, I'm willing to share it.

    Hold me now, when you feel joice. All of your experience, I'm dreaming to share it.

    Hold me now because when you hold me, I can feel a completely occupy.

    It's each other tempature, heart beat and touch.

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    Re: Please correct my english

    A glance interchange is in between our love.- This is unclear- do you mean that all that is required to communicate the love is a glance?

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