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    Please edit my essay for me!

    My company ACE Construction has been struggling financially. One of my co-workers recently joined my company wants to help by giving me all the private information of his former company, Acme Enterprises. I have the opportunity to win the bid on a large multi-year contract. Therefore, I have to make a decision on whether to accept his offer or not.

    On the positive side, taking insider information from my co-worker is a better bid preparation that would keep my company survive for many years. This would help my company have a higher chance of winning the bid on a large multi-year contract during financial difficulty. Besides, if my company did not win the bid, I have to look for another job at another company.

    On the negative side, ACE might have to deal with legal issue if I get caught. In addition, there will be further investigated by concerned government authority. This would develop a bad reputation for Acme which resulting in a profit loss for the company. Furthermore, there might be a chance of getting the wrong information from my co-worker.

    Overall, I truly believe that I should not take the insider information from my co-worker to use it against our competitor. What I should do is to ask the co-work destroy the private information to prevent any further problem. Using insider information is against ethical work practices. Ethical business practices can help my company avoid legal problems and negative financial results that arise once the unethical behavior is discovered.

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    Re: Please edit my essay for me!

    Welcome to the forum.

    When are you going to submit this essay to your teacher/tutor for marking or grading?

    Also, please check the veracity of your member profile information. The combination of Vanuatu as the country you grew up in and Vietnamese as your native language is rather unusual.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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