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    inverted commas or italics?

    Nice is a word with many meanings and some of them are contradictory.

    I'm sure that this sentence is correct, since it's been taken from OWL Lab (, but I have a question though. The thing is, writing in Russian, we'd use inverted commas for the word "nice". And writing on English speaking forums, I do this all the time. Is it a mistake?

    I've looked through an article on inverted commas ( and found, as it seems to me, a similar example _but with inverted commas: What does "integrated circuit" mean? (By the way, is a comma needed before "but" in the previous sentence?)

    Is it optional to use inverted commas or italics in this case? Or maybe I don't understand something.
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    Re: inverted commas or italics?

    It's perfectly correct to use inverted commas or italics. No punctuation is necessary before 'but'.
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