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    confuse about presenperfect continous

    according to grammar rule: you could use past perfect continous to express
    something "started from the past untill now : the action could be finished or still happening" . (if a sentence contain "since","for",etc. it means still continou; but if a sentence contains no "since", "for" ,etc. words it mean the action just stopped) < am i right?

    ok here is an example i am confusing about. look tired, you must have been running. (runnning stopped) right?
    2.i have been waiting for you an hours ( this sentese could mean "still happening" or "just stopped", according to the rule when the sentence contain "for", "since", etc. it means still continou. but this sentence have two
    meaning....) i am confusing! could you help me out?

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    Re: confuse about presenperfect continous

    Hi, endeavor,
    In sentence 1 the action has just stopped, because how could they speak if the man were still running?
    In sentence 2 we don't know. Here only the context will tell. a)They have finally met, so waiting is over. b) They have not met yet. The other person is speaking on the telephone and telling that he is still waiting.

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    Re: confuse about presenperfect continous

    Thank you so much, Humble, you have helped me solved a big confusion lingered
    my mind ^^ thanks

    so, which mean when you see a sentence with " for ", " since" , etc. the action which the sentence is talking about could be done or still going on , you have to
    look at the context clue to find out the whether the action is finsih or not:

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