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    The other + singular noun?

    The Lion and the Rabbit

    A cruel lion lived in the forest. Every day, he killed and ate a lot of animals. The other animals were afraid the lion would kill them all.
    (I have learned the other + singular noun. Why the other + animals (animals is plural noun). Thank you!
    The animals told the lion, ďLetís make a deal. If you promise to eat only one animal each day, then one of us will come to you every day. Then you donít have to hunt and kill us.Ē

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    Re: The other + singular noun?

    The other can be followed by a singular or a plural noun. If the plural noun is omitted, we use ​others.

    I saw two boys in the park. One was reading a book; the other (the other boy) was talking to somebody on his mobile.

    There were several boys in the park. Two were reading; the others (the other boys) were playing football.

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    Re: The other + singular noun?

    If you use the other animal, that means there is only one other animal. Other animals means more than just one animal.

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