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    Is it a 'clause'?

    'Clause' from OALD online:

    a group of words that includes a subject and a verb, and forms a sentence or part of a sentence

    But in Practical English Usage 3th edition, 411 participles (4): clauses, I read:

    Participles can combine with other words into participle clauses.

    There's a woman crying her eyes out over there.

    A participle clause can have its own subject. This happens most often in a rather formal style.

    Nobody having any more to say, the meeting was closed.
    The 'clause' crying her eyes out, seems not to have any subject or verb.

    The 'clause' Nobody having any more to say, seems to have the only subject and not have a verb.

    In my opinion, having any more to say and crying her eyes out are both participle phrases. They function as an adjective.

    Are Nobody having any more to say and crying her eyes out clauses? or what does 'clause' really mean?

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    I am not a teacher. If there is anything ungrammatical in my post, please correct it. I am grateful for your help.

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    Re: Is it a 'clause'?

    Unfortunately, the word 'clause' is used in different ways by different writers. There is no definition of the word that will satisfy everybody these days.
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