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    Question Where`re my messages?

    I sent2messages on thursday but when I came again on saturday I didn`t find them,where are they? also how can I find all my previous messages?.And If I want an expert not a teacher to answer my questions how can I do that on your site.My questions this time are:
    1- I`ve read the sentence"you`ll be in great danger if you don`t leave this place"why isn`t "a"used befor danger it`s one danger?
    2- when taking a decision at the moment of speaking,do we use "shall"or "will"
    3-correct the mistakes in this passage:"when I turned to take my sandwich which I left on the seat behind me ,I didn`t find it someone had eaten it"then a reply from my sister came"really,who had been hungry?".
    4- I`ve read "A son asks his father while they were in the car"what`s this mean,dad?"my question is:Is the"`s"after "what" instead of does or is?for I know that "mean"can`t be a noun...

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    Re: Where`re my messages?

    Your posts:
    You can get 'find all posts', which can be found by clicking on your name in any post that you have made.
    As for your comment about not wanting teachers to answer and implying that they do not have the expertise to answer, you are simply being rude and ill-mannered. Your questions here are all of a fairly basic nature and could be answered not only by teachers, but also by many learners.
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    Re: Where`re my messages?

    I totally agree with you Tdol.

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