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    Cool a virgo or the virgo?

    I am not sure if i can add a or the in front of constellation.
    1. I am a Vrigo or I am Virgo?
    2. The virgo are quiet and sensitive. or The Virgo is quiet and sensitve or Virgo is quiet????
    3. Virgo people are analytic.( Do I have to add the ?)
    4.Compared with me, what people say about Virgo people almost fits me. LIke typical Virgo, I am....(Does this sentnece make sense? If it sounds awkward, can you change this sentence for me?

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    Re: a virgo or the virgo?

    1. I am a Virgo.
    2. Virgos are quiet and sensitive.
    3. No you don't have to add ... The....
    4. Particular qualities of a Virgo are similar to my own character.

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