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    Exclamation Where`re my messages?

    I`ll ask the questions which I didn`t get the reply for them,but how can I find all my previous messages? & If I want an expert to answer my letters how can I do that on your site?(pay attention to No.4,No.7 is new)
    1- Do we use"shall"or"will"when making a decision at the moment of speaking?
    2- could you correct the passages for me"When I turned to take my sandwich which I left on the seat behind me I didn`t find it someone had taken it-then a reply from my sister comes-"really?who had been hungry?"
    3-I`ve read"you`ll be in great danger if you don`t leave this place"why isn`t
    "a"used befor"great danger"?
    4- When can I use"that"&when can I use"which"in relative clauses in British English?(please don`t view what BBC expert answered about it,I want your explanations)
    5- I`ve read"This is a four-star hotel"why didn`t we say"a four stars hotel"& what`s the use of the"-"in the sentence?
    6- I`ve read"A son asks his father while they are in a car"what`s this mean,dad?"Is the"`s"the contraction of"does"or"is"?for I know that"mean" can only be a verb...
    7- I`ve read" I only lost because you had the luck of the draw"why is"the" used befor "draw"?

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    Re: Where`re my messages?

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