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    Red face An apologie

    Dear sir..
    In fact I`m so sorry for my stupid joke about wanting experets to answer my letters, style in speaking may be -a little bit-dry(this word`s place is wrong but I don`t know the right meaning)but I,too,want to be a professor of english when I grow up,I`m very fond of it,and I noticed that you considered my request not as a joke but as something serious &I`m sorrr for that..but we should forget all these jokes & start over in order to make the language easy for all which is your site`s main purpos as I think,so shall we start over?& do you accept my apology?( I ignored the fact that you didn`t answer my previous message questions about correcting my passage etc..
    all the best

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    Re: An apologie

    Sure, always happy to see things running smoothly.

    Now let's get down to work. Firstly, acouple of tips for using the forum:
    1 Don't use the same title for posts- people will think it is a repeat post and probably not open it.

    2 Include keywords in the title. If you put 'shall' and 'will' in the title, the forum will automatically provide links at the bottom of the thread to other similar discussions, so you can get extra information that way.

    3 Break questions up into individual thread, so that different subjects can be looked at separately. This way you get more answers and a discussion going about a single topic.

    Let's start with 'danger'. This can be countable or uncountable, which does create a problem for learners about knowing when to use the countable form. We say 'a danger' when we want to isolate or assess the risk, so it is common to say 'a slight danger'', or some other modifier, or to use the plural when there are separate risks. however, when warning someone, we generally use it uncountably, so that the emphasis is on communicating what is most important- if you see someone walking down the street and there's a car approaching them and something falling from a building, the most important thing is to communicate that they are not safe, and not that there are two dangers, so we would use it uncountably there and hope that they survive. Also, the prepositional phrase 'in danger' doesn't take and article or plural. I think it's really a matter of the perceived importance. If you are about to sign a contract, I am in no hurry to communicate the possible problem and also can isolate any dangers inherent in signing the paper, so I would say 'there's a danger that you you could lose money if...'.


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