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    Thumbs down itself again!!

    I read last week on CNN the news, and I reported it to this forum: I asked if there was no mistake in the sentence "Israel has the right to defend herself" because I doubted about the word "herself" thinking that it should have been "itsel". You kindly explained that "herself" was correct because some countries are feminine and other are masculine. However, Mr Kofi Hanan is non-stop repeating the following sentence on TV: "Israel has the right to defend itself" Is MR Hanan's grammar wrong?

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    Talking Re: itself again!!

    as you know cnn is always or 99% correct becauseit is considered as a native channel.
    rely on cnn, only

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    Re: itself again!!

    CNN? Cough Cough! Fox News (U.S.) and Sky News (U.K.) are what I watch.

    Back to the question at hand, "herself" would be the way to go. Kofi's english like his organization... is broken.



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