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    Help needed to analyse language (advert clause and noun modifiers)

    I would be grateful, if someone could help me understand these two things:

    1. In the sentence: “Old ways of thinking about competition, devised in the era of oil, look outdated in what has come to be called the “data economy”. A new approach is needed.”

    Is the sub clause after '...looked outdated...' an advert clause which just gives more information about why the old ways are outdated?

    2. Noun modifiers: I know that one noun can modify another. But, sometimes I'm not sure which structure is correct and why. For example:

    • Room reservation or reservation of room
    • The development process or the process of development
    • Wire line or wire-line or wired line (ex. coreless phone)
    • Schedule confirmation or the confirmation of schedule

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Re: Help needed to analyse language (advert clause and noun modifiers)

    Your questions don't make a lot of sense but let me try to answer.

    a) Do you mean adverb clause?
    b) Which sub clause are you referring to? Maybe you're asking about the preposition phrase in what has come to be called the "data economy"?
    c) The above does not give information about why the old ways are outdated. It tells us the context in which they look outdated.

    Why are you asking for help to analyse the grammar? Do you understand the meaning of the sentence?

    a) The correctness depends on the use of the phrase
    b) I don't know what you mean by "Wire line" or "ex. coreless phone"
    c) Your options including "Wire line" are not similar to the others.

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